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Res-Q-Jack Struts Assist in Rescuing Trapped Driver

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Res-Q-Jack Struts Assist In Rescuing Trapped Driver - SemiKathy Graves of Rutledge, Tenn., survived a horrific accident involving a logging truck and is alive today, thanks in part, to Res-Q-Jack tools.

In July of 2016, Kathy’s red Ford Mustang collided with a logging truck in Morristown, Tenn., and the truck and its load tipped over on the Mustang, trapping Kathy in the front seat but, miraculously, sparing her life.

One of the logs landed on Kathy’s roof as Kathy laid across the center console between the front seats, leaving no room to maneuver.

Brian Robinson, Captain of the Morristown Emergency and Rescue Squad, said first responders feared the worst.

"When they got there, it was one of those situations where you look at the truck and the cart and you think, 'This is not going to have a positive outcome.'"
- Brian Robinson, Captain of Morristown Emergency Rescue Squad

That’s when the Morristown emergency workers grabbed their two Res-Q-Jack Aluminum X-Struts from their truck and used them to stabilize the logs on top of the Mustang so they would not move – and possibly injure or kill Kathy – while two heavy wreckers lifted the truck off the Mustang.

“Fortunately, Kathy had time to lay across the center console, with her legs in the driver’s compartment and her upper body on the passenger side,” he said. “That was the one spot in the car that was not affected. It was a miracle that she suffered only minor injuries.”

Brian said his agency’s training trucks have the Aluminum X-Struts and first-generation Res-Q-Jack struts, and his Morristown squad has had Aluminum X-Struts on each of its two trucks for about two years.

“They are simple to set up and use, and efficient in what they do, and the great thing about them is you can not only stabilize with them but you can lift with them in a controlled manner. With a minimal amount of training and understanding how they work, any rescuer can operate them safely and effectively.”

Brian said Res-Q-Jack struts are great products.

"I am confident that they have saved lives and will continue to do so," he said.  "It's not a tool rescuers pull off the truck every day, but when they need it, it's there and it has a lot of different applications.  It's not just a stabilization tool."

Res-Q-Jack continues to improve the design, development, and quality of its products, Brian said.

“I am of the opinion that, when you find something that is this effective and efficient, you stick with it,” he said. “I recommend Res-Q-Jack struts to anyone who asks my opinion.”

Res-Q-Jack Struts Assist in Rescuing Trapped Driver - Collage

Is your team ready to face this situation with your current extrication struts?

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Thank you to Brian Pappalardo, Captain Brian Robinson, Morristown Emergency and Rescue Squad and all other agencies involved.

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