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Res-Q-Jack offers a wide assortment of purpose-built end fittings, and accessories for our pin-free and pinned rescue struts, as well as pickets, plates and chocks for any scenario.

Alpha Electric Drive Lift

Alpha Electric Drive Lift

The Alpha Drive plugs into the jack handle receptacle of your strut to effortlessly lift up to 6,000 lbs.

Pin-Free End Fittings for Res-Q-Jack Rescue Struts

Pin-Free End Fittings

Pin-free end fittings including swivel CRG heads, extension tubs, tripod heads, and more.

Pinned End Fittings for Res-Q-Jack Rescue Struts

Pinned End Fittings

Pinned end fittings including C-heads, L-plates, rigid fixed bases, swivel CRG head, tripod head and more.

Load Pad Universal Accessories

Universal Accessories

Universal accessories including Darlington head, ratcheting wheel chock, Res-Q-Saw and more.

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