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Res-Q-Jack offers a wide assortment of purpose-built end fittings, and accessories for our pin-free and pinned rescue struts, as well as pickets, plates and chocks for any scenario.

Pin-Free End Fittings for Res-Q-Jack Rescue Struts

Pin-Free End Fittings

Pin-free end fittings including swivel CRG heads, extension tubs, tripod heads, and more.

Pinned End Fittings for Res-Q-Jack Rescue Struts

Pinned End Fittings

Pinned end fittings including C-heads, L-plates, rigid fixed bases, swivel CRG head, tripod head and more.

Load Pad Universal Accessories

Universal Accessories

Universal accessories including Darlington head, ratcheting wheel chock, Res-Q-Saw and more.

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