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Training Documents

The Res-Q-Jack team has years of experience in Fire & Rescue and we have used our products in hundreds of situations. Over the years, we have developed applications, patented techniques and have written many papers to educate our users to become more effective, and safer at extrication.

Training Guide PDF

Training PowerPoint PDF  (14.9MB)

Training Guide - Power Point

Training PowerPoint PPT  (46.5MB)

Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide (13.4MB)

Res-Q-Jack Finding Purchase Points

Finding Purchase Points (350KB)

Res-Q-Jack Phases of Stabilization

Phases of Stabilization (1.3MB)

Res-Q-Jack Roof Resting Stabilization

Roof-Resting Stabilization (1.6MB)

Res-Q-Jack 2-Point Stabilization

2-Point Stabilization (2MB)

Res-Q-Jack 3-Point Side Resting Stabilization

3-Point Stabilization (400KB)

Res-Q-Jack 4-Point Stabilization

4-Point Stabilization (740KB)

Res-Q-Jack Sloped Ground Stabilization

Sloped Ground Stabilization (1.1MB)

Res-Q-Jack T-Bone Override

T-Bone Override (1.8MB)

Res-Q-Jack Darlington Roll

Darlington Roll (1MB)

Res-Q-Jack-Dash Displacement

Dash Displacement (654KB)

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