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Pin-Free End Fittings

Pin-Free Extension Tubing
SPX-12EX (12”) | SPX-24EX (24”) | SPX-36EX (36”)

Extension Tubing

Reach new heights with these extension tubes. These easy-to-use extensions are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and provide extra length to your Pin-Free X-Struts,Trench Shore, and Technical Rescue Kits. Available in one, two and three foot lengths.

Pin-Free Tripod Head

Tripod Head

Turn three Pin-Free struts into a technical rescue tripod with this pin-free head fitting. The Tripod Head features a powder coated steel crown with three machined aluminum attachments for fast setup. Struts sold separately.

SPX Trench Plate

Trench PLate

This swiveling ball-joint plate is ideal for trench rescue shoring, with 4 corner holes for securing with nails or screws. Made from machined aluminum.

Pin-Free Flat Head Plate

Flat Head PLate

This 6” fixed plate is your straightforward shoring head. Recommended for structural applications with the Super X, but also compatible with the SPX Trench Shore. Made from machined aluminum.

Pin-Free Large Swiveling Base Plate

Super X-Strut Large Base

This 12” swiveling base plate will work in a wide range of scenarios, especially when you need to spread out the load on soft ground. Includes attachment for straps. Made from machined aluminum.

Super X-Strut Small Base Plate

Super X-Strut Small Base PLate

Our standard, swiveling base plate, but built specifically for the Super X. This lightweight design includes D-rings for stakes or for engaging straps and chains. Features machined aluminum attachment with powder coated steel base and rings.

Pin-Free Swivel CRG Head

Pin-Free Swivel CRG Head

The CRG combines the Channel, Round Point and Chain Grab end fittings into one revolutionary head, making changing heads during a rescue unnecessary. Fits Super X, Apex & Auto X.

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