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Pinned End Fittings

Pinned Tripod Head

Tripod Head

Turn your pin-operated struts into a tripod for technical rescue scenarios. Features powder coated steel crown and tubular steel legs. Secured with our hardened steel tab lock pins. Steel X / RJ3 and GreenLite heads include 36” extensions to reach up to 9 feet.

Pinned Square Head

Square Head

This end fitting is equipped with a square plate for use in structural situations like light shoring against a flat overhead surface. Available for Aluminum X, Steel X & RJ3 Series.

Pinned L-Plate


This end fitting is designed for beam support during lightweight structural shoring. Its L-shaped design cradles the beam, and includes holes on each side for securing with nails or screws. Available for Aluminum X, Steel X & RJ3 Series. 

Pinned C-Head


This end fitting allows for a cradle of wide members, such as an A-post, with an assuredly positive hold. Available for Aluminum X, Steel X & RJ3 Series.

Pinned Fixed Base

Fixed Base

This rigid base stands straight up, and is useful for many applications, such as a jack unit serving as a low level object lifting device, for roll-overs or confined space applications. Compatible with RJ3 only.

Pinned RJ3 Base

RJ3 Base

Our standard base plate for the RJ3 Series. D-Ring links are permanently attached for easy connection of base restraints, as well as CAM buckle straps for convenience. Compatible with RJ3 only.

Swivel CRG Head - Yellow

Swivel CRG Head

The CRG combines the Channel, Round Point and Chain Grab end fittings into one revolutionary head, and makes changing heads during a rescue unnecessary. The swivel CRG tip swivels 360° to easily find purchase points at any angle. Also available as a fixed CRG head (RJ3-FCRG -RJ3 Jackstand only).

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