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Light-Duty Vehicle Stabilization Struts


Vehicle Stabilization Struts

Our struts have working loads of under 4,000 lbs. (2:1) for use with compact cars and lighter vehicles.

Auto X-Strut Series Light-Duty Vehicle Stabilization Strut

Auto X-Strut Series

The Auto X is our is our light-duty pin-free strut for lightning-fast stabilization and lifting of typical small vehicles.

Working Load Limit: 3,250 lbs. (2:1 Safety Factor)

GreenLite X-Strut Series Light-Duty Vehicle Stabilization Strut

GreenLite™ X-Strut Series

The GreenLite series is our most affordable X-Strut line, designed for fast stabilization with the ability to lift when needed.

Working Load Limit: 2,500 lbs. (2:1 Safety Factor)

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