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SPX Series Trench Shoring Rescue Jacks

Trench Shoring Struts

Our trench shoring struts have rated working loads from 10,400 - 38,400 lbs. and span lengths from 26" to 112".

Trench Shoring Struts

Pneumatic Trench Shoring Struts

The new Super X Trench Shoring System excels in any trench rescue scenario.  Machined from high grade aluminum and featuring the same functionality as our Super X-Strut line, the Trench Shoring System will meet all your needs.  These struts are available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of situations, and each is compatible with our Super X-Strut components, as well as competitor components.

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WLL at varying lengths*

  • 26" Length:  38,400 lbs

  • 50" Length: 30,600 lbs

  • 74" Length: 25,150 lbs

  • 94" Length: 14,180 lbs

  • 112" Length: 10,400 lbs

(2:1 safety factor on Struts & Accessories)

* Working Load Limits Calculated with Swivel Trench Plate End Fittings.

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Three Sizes to choose from

Available in three lengths to ensure you have the right length for the job.  Each Trench Shore also accepts any of our SPX Extensions, giving you up to 4 extra feet in length (MAX: 2 extensions per strut).


*All lengths include TWO Swivel End Plate end fittings (included with each strut).

Trench Shoring Strut Size Comparison
Benefits of a Res-Q-Jack brand Trench Shoring Strut
Trench Shoring Strut Features

1. Hollow Inner Tubing

The Super X Trench Shore is designed to be fast and easy-to-deploy.  Our hollow inner tubing saves up to 5 lbs. of added weight vs. solid tubing.

2. Patented Locking Pin

Our patented locking pin creates a positive stop, eliminating the risk of over extension and keeping the inner tube from falling out.

3. Pneumatic Activation

Our Trench Shore Struts are hydrostatically tested up to 800 PSI for use with compressed air systems.

4. Ambidextrous End Fittings

Use extensions on either end for up to 4 extra feet in length (max: 2 extensions).

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