Universal Accessories


Darlington Head


The Darlington Head allows you to marry two struts together by linking the CRG Heads together. This allows for an easier set up to perform the Darlington Roll. Also can be used to set up a Bi Pod using two struts. Compatible with ALL Res-Q-Jack Struts.


EZ Picket Plate


The EZ Picket Plate features three oversized collars for 1” diameter pickets, which are set at 20° angles for fast and precise placement. Includes two extra holes to accommodate pickets up to 1 5/8” diameter. The EZ Picket Plate measures 30” long by 6” wide and features a built-in carry handle, D-Ring and diamond plate foot print.


Ratcheting Wheel Chock


A rugged and easy-to-use option for chocking wheels, this chock won’t “push” both sides of the wheel with just one piece of equipment, as do oversized blocks and chocks.


Ram Plate


This heavy duty, multi-purpose ram support plate should be placed over a rocker panel to achieve multiple engagement points for your ram when performing a dash displacement.




Load Pad


This 14” x 14” load pad allows you to spread the load evenly over soft ground. Four carry holes double as stake holes, and the inner strut pocket is designed to fit the strut base.



(See catalog for part numbers)

The Res-Q-Saw is capable of cutting steel, aluminum and stainless steel without heat, burrs or coolant. The powerful motor is double-insulated and Earth-grounded, and can cope with the heaviest of work. The Res-Q-Saw is perfect to aid in vehicle stabilization and extrication. With a long-life blade that will cut up to 260 feet of 1/4” steel plate, the Res-Q-Saw’s high-quality construction comes with a full one-year warranty.






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