Trench Shore

Trench Rescue System

Trench Rescue, Jack!

The new Super X Trench Shoring System excels in any trench rescue scenario.  Machined from high grade aluminum and featuring the same functionality as our Super X-Strut® line, the Trench Shoring System will meet all your needs.


These struts are available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of situations, and each is compatible with our Super X-Strut® components, as well as competitor components.

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 WLL at varying lengths.*

(2:1 Safety Factor)

•  26" Length: 38,400 LBS

•  50" Length: 30,600 LBS

•  74" Length: 25,150 LBS

•  94" Length: 14,180 LBS

•  112" Length: 10,420 LBS

*Working Load Limits calculated with swivel end plates.

Product Features

• Patented Locking Pin: Our inner locking pin keeps the inner tubing from falling out and eliminates the risk of overextension.


• Aluminum Construction: Milled from solid 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength when shoring, stabilizing and lifting.


• Hollow Inner Tubing: The hollow inner tubing saves up to 5 lbs. of weight vs. solid tubing.


• Pneumatic Activation: Hydrostatically tested up to 800 PSI. for use with compressed air systems.


• Ambidextrous End Fittings: Use extensions on either end for up to 4 extra feet in length. (Max: 2 extensions)

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